Deceiver EP

by Awaking Athena

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released September 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Awaking Athena Leicester, UK

5 Piece Deathcore
outfit from Leicester
Since 2010

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Track Name: Rise Of A Wretched God
Writhing beneath the feet of mankind
lying dormant in the depths of hell
waiting patiently for my return
and my reign upon this wretched world

Go, my followers,
disperse amongst the crowds
staying hidden until
the time
has come to return
when you hear my calling

I will wait in the bowels of hell
for my schemes to come to fruition
bear witness to history
and tremble at my fury

Bathed by blood
my followers cover the earth
baptised in fire
this is my unholy rebirth

Light the fires
spill their blood upon the earth
speak those words
and bring about my rebirth

I will cover the world
in eternal darkness

I will split open the earth
and bring about a new reign of death

sat on a throne of a million corpses
you will see I am your god
Track Name: Hymn Of Horror
you know don't know it yet
but you have been deceived
the book of lies you live by
was penned by mortal man
yet there is some truth
in everything you know
the book of revelations
has foretold of your demise

the gates of hell have opened
and my legion of the damned follow me
to ensnare the world to my will
and purge it of your filth

corpse by corpse
and one by one
you will all slowly
bend your knee to me

enslaved and bound
the human race is worthless
living in despair
as flesh and bone removed

nourishing my insatiable thirst
and fuelling my hatred
I will ensure
that there is nothing left on this earth

and on judgement day
you all will suffer
at my cursed hands
When the streets are filled with blood
there will be horror

I will show your creator
my unbridled and terrible strength
and this
my defiant triumph
will be the first
of many victories
and eventually
your prayers will
go unanswered

and by this time
your screams of agony
will be nothing more
than a hymn to me

Your god is powerless
to stop the horror i'll unleash
upon this festering disease
that you know as humanity
Track Name: Reign Of Terror
This is the end of the era in which you prosper
prepare for the end of civilisation and absolution
the world will crumble beneath your feet
you all will be subservient
To I, the triumphant conqueror
now my might has been unleashed
you must all face the consequences
flesh will be flayed from bone
as I exalt in your death

This is the reign of terror
suppressing the populace
darkness covers the world
humanity has been enslaved

look into my eyes and see the world you created

this world will burn
Track Name: Legion Of The Serpent
chained to the decaying wheel, of human existence
a slave to the everlasting cycle of undeath
o fearsome demons, strip their skin from their bone
and maintain my immortality
damnation awaits the righteous children of god"
they believe in fallacies, oh wretched children of god

ashen skies black out the sun
witness what has waited all along
the sound of drums mark the return
of I, the supreme deceiver

the dead walk among us so take your place
relinquish the last vestiges of life
and submit to the legion of the serpent

welcome to the end
all hell has been unleashed
writhing in agony the children will weep
hiding behind their carved idols of faith
gazing upon a creature whose name they cannot speak

consigned to an eternity trapped in obscurity
the holy scriptures, hid the horrifying elegance
bestown upon me in my cursed form
the ability to consume mankind
subverting and controlling the darkness of your mind
hiding in the deepest darkest recesses you will find
the most malevolent being, of a hatred blind

fear me, I am your nightmare
cower, I am your darkness